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B&L Development

B&L Development transforms esports into a recognized out-of-school activity, through educational and training support.

Créée le 13/10/2021


Bogled is a networking platform based on artificial intelligence. Its goal is to spotlight the players’ performances et to facilitate the recruitment by creating a ranking and recommendations reliable and accurate.What’s the idea ? To detect competitive players who have a huge increase in order to take them to the highest level.Bogled wishes to move towards innovation and development by creating a complete ecosystem integrating products and services which daily support amateurs and professionnals of Esport.

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Créée le 09/10/2019


Breakflip is a media specialised in gaming and trend content production for its website and its partners.

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Créée le 01/10/2017

Clutch Rayn Esport

Clutch Rayn Esport develops audiovisual productions in connection with the new influencers belonging to the gaming and streaming ecosystem

Créée le 13/10/2021


An esport team generates passion. Passion generates fans. And fans are one of the major assets of esports teams.

However, these teams struggling to capitalize on their fan base ; they don’t know them very well and don’t monetize them much. Fanprime helps esports and sports teams to implement a strategy « direct-to-fan », which brings more passion to fans and creating a new source of income for teams at the same time.

Fanprime offers a « Fan Relationship Management » solution which gathers teams, fans and sponsors. We enable sports and esports teams to deploy a unique loyalty program that rewards fan engagement with a privileged access to exclusive experiences and offers.

Our solution is a cloud computing platform, open and flexible, based on blockchain.

#fanengagement #tokenization #blockchain
Créée le 28/10/2018


Gozulting was created in May 2017 by 4 partners who wanted to offer quality services in a brand-new field. Our modus operandi: The Toolbox. We carefully study your project, we adapt solutions and you choose the solution that best meets your needs. Each project is unique, just as our commitment to you is unique. Our scope of activity: 4 partners for 3 business sectors and complementary areas of expertise:

Consulting: Strategic consulting in video and marketing, and consulting in the field of esports and video games.

Capture and production: Video capture, live or filmed according to client needs, and live video production.

Content: Content creation, management, gaming event creation.

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Créée le 01/05/2017

HADO Sport

HADO SPORT promotes a new team sport using augmented reality for everyone : sportsmen, esportsmen & disabled people.

#HADOFight #Dodgeball #teambuilding
Créée le 05/11/2019

Hurrah.Studio is a production studio 100% dedicated to esports and gaming.

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Créée le 13/10/2021

Lex Esport

The ethical and legal marketplace for Esport competition organizers and partners.

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Créée le 13/10/2021

My Loot

My Loot is a 100% free mobile application that allows all video game players to earn money.

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Créée le 13/10/2021

One Trick Production

Production agency using its media, sponsorship and audiovisual production activities to offer esports content to French-speaking fans.

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Créée le 13/10/2021

Ward Me

Consulting agency in positioning and strategic studies specialized in the video game and sports worlds.

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Créée le 13/10/2021

WSC Group

WSC Group is an innovating media group specialised in gaming, sports and lifestyle.

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Créée le 07/09/2017