Find out the startups who took a part of LEVEL 256's journey.


Esports players, like all athletes, deserve to be in the best conditions to be able to express their talent to the best of their ability. However, they are the only athletes who don’t benefit from outfits that are though and designed to optimize the practice of their discipline.At Arnova’s, we are convince that esports players deserve a specific equipment. That’s why we create the esport outfits of tomorrow. Specially developed to responding to esport players’ needs, they incorporate selected technical characteristics to optimize their comfort and their performances. The promise we make today to the esports players is to free their bodies to boost their performances.

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Créée le 17/04/2019


Today we know that overconsumption of screens, blue lights, inaction, poor posture - all elements that negatively impact our health that – are directly related to how we use our digital devices. Bequipe’s mission is to develop innovative solutions to improve the comfort and performance of gamers, using 2 tools:

- Kaliento: gaming handwarmer Bequipe began its adventure by responding to a problem wellknown to gamers:  cold hands. The startup created Kaliento, a handwarmer adapted to gamers that can heat up to 48°C.

- Looki: measure and improve performance Bequipe also developed Looki, a connected camera that measures video game performance and offers customized experiences to improve it.

Créée le 26/05/2014


CAHEM is a start-up of virtual reality amusement parks, having started its activity in Normandy. The franchise, designed as a scalable and turnkey model, was extended at the end of 2019 to the Paris Region with the opening of one of the largest centres in Europe. With its team of developers, CAHEM produces its own exclusive titles, available in single or multiplayer modes: shooter, role-playing game, arcade, or escape game. Most of the licenses are inspired by the myth of Cthulhu, the masterpiece and popular work of the writer H.P. Lovecraft. Believing in the development of esport in virtual reality, CAHEM is a permanent technological watch and calibrates its video games for this activity.

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Créée le 03/11/2017

Ecorp Gaming

Ecorp Gaming is the first corporate esports agency specialized in visibility and employer branding through esports activities: teambulding, profiling & recruitment, serious games, events for interns, organizing competitions.

Ecorp lets its clients and partners enhance their image and reach out to millennials representing their future consumers and collaborators.

Ecorp Gaming has created the largest university esports league, the Esport Students Series, federating 250 campuses with 2,000 students competing and more than 100,000 spectators each year. A true employer visibility tool, the competition’s physical steps lets recruiters meet candidates in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Créée le 01/01/2015

Esport Formations

How to associate passion for esport and professional activity? This is the question asked by many young graduates, job seekers or workers in search of retraining. Esport Formations offers them a catalog of courses, face-to-face and e-learning, allowing them to acquire the necessary skills to practice their profession in the esport ecosystem. The training courses offered are short, eligible for state fundings and certifying. Led by experts in the field, they provide all the keys to understand an environment full of specificities. Esport Formations does not teach them a job, it teaches them the best way to do theirs in esport.

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Créée le 24/06/2020


EYEBLUE offers you to combine comfort and protection in front of the screens thanks to its glasses designed for the greatest comfort and which protect your eyes from harmful blue light. Performance is the key to these high-tech glasses, which not only limit eye fatigue, but also preserve your visual capital in the long term thanks to the blue light filter of its lenses.

Créée le 06/07/2015


Become a winner, or just make progress as you play your favorite video games, anything’s possible...when you take private lessons with the champions!

We all dream of upping our game, but it’s hard to learn the tricks and get personalized advice to improve. GamerCoach is the first coaching platform that lets anyone from beginners to advanced level gamers reserve online lessons with pros from the esports scene, selected for their technical and pedagogical skills.

With GamerCoach, gaming fans have finally found an effective way to improve.

Winning can be learned!

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Créée le 01/08/2016


Helping brands reach out to millennials – that is the SIGMA Esports mission.

As consumer habits change, traditional media are having trouble reaching the 12–35-year-old segment. This phenomenon is the source of many problems today’s brands are facing.

SIGMA Esports is the new generation agency with the answer to these issues: from defining strategy to rolling out projects, the company gives its clients access to the esports target audience and helps them meet the business challenges at hand.

SIGMA Esports uses white and gray labelling, through its own media brand and professional esports club: GameWard, at the top of French ranking, now represents 13 players under contract, 3 coaches and 3 managers, as well as a full support staff.

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Créée le 07/12/2017


Watching esports becomes an interactive, community experience. Gamifly is the first 100% free betting game specifically for the esports community.

Whether it’s live, during a match, or while waiting for their favorite team’s next game, Gamifly lets esports fans challenge their community with questions on the match in progress, on their knowledge of the game, etc.… To share their passions and above all show who’s the best!

Gamifly Esports lets players and spectators:
- Be fully integrated in the gaming world and its community, even when they’re not playing
- Interact with their favorite teams
- Measure themselves against their community, their friends and personalities they admire.

For esports professionals, this unique tool gives a whole new dimension to events and benefit from access to new data.

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Créée le 28/04/2016

Gaming Squad

Gaming Squad, gaming and ethical social network aiming to reduce toxicity problems on online games

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Créée le 10/09/2020

Get In Game

Esports events are becoming more and more spectacular and the community more and more demanding. At Get in Game, we believe that esports is a great channel of artistic expression where players and spectators alike become actively involved in a memorable sensory and visual experience. We draw inspiration from the practices of amusement parks, cinema and video games to enable esports enthusiasts to live an extraordinary event experience. Feel. Play. Get in Game.

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Créée le 19/03/2020


Glory4Gamers is a fast-growing French start-up with more than 860 000 esports fans. Glory4Gamers' teams are committed to democratizing the practice of electronic sports by offering all players, at all levels, the opportunity to take part in online competitions on the market's leading licenses: Call of Duty, Fifa, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Rocket League or Rainbow Six Siege. In addition to the daily tournaments, Glory4Gamers regularly offers players larger-scale events that allow them to win more prizes, but also to enable its B2B partners (sponsors and publishers) to promote their brands to a qualified audience.

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Klox Entertainment

Klox is a specialised agency in targeted digital communication campaigns, media buying and data management. Klox is now Leader in France regarding the music and sports market, also established in cinema, entertainment and more recently in Gaming/Esports. Experts in programmatic communication, we are a team of 40 experts based in Paris and active around the world. Using our real-time buying, targeting, and optimization technologies, we deliver campaigns to relevant audiences across web, mobile, radio, and TV. We are a technological partner to valorise Data and optimise communication campaigns. More than 750 referent actors trust us.

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Créée le 12/10/2017


MCES is based on a conviction: esport is THE phenomenon of the coming years. This market, which is still in its infancy, is in the process of being structured and we wanted to make our contribution. After many years in the sports industry where we have trained thousands of children using football values, it seemed interesting to us to see how to transfer our knowledge to this "new world". MCES wanted a global project around training: from the youngest to the professional player, we apply methods that have proven their worth for decades in different sports. Esport players are athletes, artists and they need to be accompanied throughout their lives and at different stages. That's the MCES promise!

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Créée le 20/06/2018


At Myth’s, we noticed that it’s very difficult for esports associations and teams to become professionnal. You have to create your corporate identity, to create a web presence too, as well as generate income.

For this, we have created an online platform with which you can solve all these problems :

1 – Create your own fully customize products online

2 – Create your corporate identity online thanks to your dedicated website

3 – Sell your products to your fans on your own website and generate a new source of income.

And all these things in 10 minutes !

Our vision is to support all those who break into the world of esport thanks to a simple and all-in-one solution, quick to set up.

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Créée le 09/11/2019


OPLITE is a manufacturer offering a complete range of products to equip esport players.

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Créée le 11/04/2019


Pantheon is a technological interaction tool between streamers and their communities.

Winner of the 2018 IBM Watson Build competition, Pantheon’s AI detects a streamer’s desire to interact with his audience and translates it into a contextual question, delivered in real time during the stream through a Twitch extension.

Resilient to subject change (and thus to the game) as well as device changes (streaming platforms, TV, etc.), Pantheon doesn’t require any action from the streamer – thereby reducing obastacles to adoption.

Pantheon helps spectators interact with streamers and influence their decisions, lets streamers concentrate on content and revenue, and lets broadcasters enhance their offers and audiences.

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Créée le 08/08/2016

Pass To Trip

PASSTOTRIP is the first online course platform for gamers, designed and validated by the community.

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Créée le 13/10/2021

Pictor Innovation

How can you improve your videos, expand your audience and enhance engagement? Pictor Innovation creates solutions for interactive videos. The spectator becomes a proactive participant who can trigger interaction.

In esports, spectators can follow their favorite gamers. They can also access more information than before, thanks to more detailed overlays.

Our solution adapts to all types of interactive projects, letting you choose functionalities “à la carte”. Pictor Innovation uses artificial intelligence and the latest web trends to enhance innovation.

Interactive video is the future of web media, and Pictor Innovation makes it possible for you to experience it!

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Créée le 11/05/2018

Pink Marmot

We create playful, imaginative, and sporting experiences in virtual reality to bring people together.

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In 2020, we delivered the Beta version of our B2C solution It is an open marketplace for individual Gamers to buy and sell virtual assets bought in video games (skins, cards, etc.) legally and with the approval of game publishers. The Platform has now integrated one game and is fully functional with real money transactions. Building on the successful release of the B2C platform, we aim to offer an even better and easier way for our B2B customers to integrate and utilize our solution within their games. We are offering non-Blockchain-based games a SaaS solution to introduce virtual items exchange for their players and help fight back Black Market trading. All can be set up rapidly and globally through existing infrastructure which the game is already using.

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Créée le 24/12/2020

ProTest Labs

At Protest Labs’, we ask ourselves a simple question : Why are pro gamers so good ? We are developing Protest, a software that combines neurosciences and gaming to reveal the players’ performances factors. Protest allows access to the brain functions of any player, to improve individually or to define the set of skills available to a pro team, for example. Ultimately, the vision of Protest Labs is to apply scientific research to everything that can be useful to the esport actors.Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are looking for partners to help us launch this adventure in the Science of Gaming. 

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Créée le 01/12/2019

Rogue Kids Factory

Rogue Kids Factory is the representative of Jack, the first real-time virtual fighting game player, who can interact live with spectators of an event in public or in front of their screens. He is also a thought leader who interacts with his audience, his fans. As influencers or a caster Jack improvises, adapts to situations and to audiences and clients. To bring Jack to life in real time, we use Motion Capture technology which allows us to master his speech, his talents, thanks to a voice over actor and experts, players or musicians who are hidden in the combination of Motion Capture. Jack embodies the dream castor, he is customizable, unique, funny, he rubs shoulders with the greatest international Esport players, and will very soon be the hero of a comic book, a short film and the host of your events.

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Créée le 25/08/2020


Rushdown is the first ethical and conscious media in the field of gaming and digital and also a versatile production company !

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Créée le 13/10/2021


Who’s the best ? Who realized the best kill on Fortnite or the best goal on Fifa ? That’s the question Skeel answers ! Skeel is the first mobile video competition application specialized on Challenges ! In video battles, users compare themselves thanks to their best actions ! Our tool will enable brands to better identify the challenges that engage the younger generation and better follow performances of a challenge that they may be asked to create themselves !Many companies are already using this type of online competition to gain visibility, especially among their youngest targets !

#challenge #compétition #talents
Créée le 22/10/2018

Ticket 721

Platform improving the experience during events by enhancing fan engagement and security. The Blockchain enables a complete and secured ticket management for the primary and secondary markets. The fraud is limited by the resale conditions fixed and guaranteed by the Blockchain Contracts. Users can interact with each other, organizers and sponsors, and also pre-purchase elements (F&B, merchandising ...) that they can retrieve during the event. All our features were also implemented with the organizer in mind: easy hands-on, control over sale, resale and pre-purchases, detailed stats ...

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Créée le 14/11/2019

Toki No Heya

TOKI NO HEYA is a place specially designed to welcome every day those who want to practice and live the esport in the best conditions.To train alone or in a team, to learn to compete or to perform in daily planned and improvised, tournaments, to play with friends, TOKI NO HEYA offers top-of-the-range equipment to all players, whether they are occasional, amateur or semi-professional.TOKI NO HEYA is also a gathering place for spectators who want to support players and teams during events that take place in the hall or during competitions’ retransmissions.

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Créée le 05/10/2019


Wezzar develops online SAAS tools for competitive video game players.

3 tools have been (or are being) developed:  A predictive analysis tool based on machine learning to predict the next moves and respond accordingly. A gamer search tool to play with like-minded gamers at your level. And a post-game tool to analyze your performance and up your game in the next round.

Wezzar has just developed, a platform that offers a prediction service and data analysis to help players improve their performance for all types of competitive games.

This service is available as a web platform directly accessible via your internet navigator, but also on smartphones using a webapp. 

#elearning #formation #videogames
Créée le 08/11/2016

White Smoke Games

White Smoke Games is an independent Parisian development studio founded around the Super Chicken Catchers graduation project. Super Chicken Catchers is a crazy competitive 2v2 action game. Each team is composed of a mount and a rider and will have to catch the chicken to win matches.  Focused on cooperation and communication, its innovative gameplay leads players to rethink the way they play together. Tournaments are organized in recurring ways to grow the community of chicken catchers. Still in development, Super Chicken Catchers is available for early access on the Steam platform. White Smoke Games is working towards its final release on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Créée le 05/04/2018

World Gaming Federation

World Gaming Federation is a startup created in 2015 by 6 co-founders, now operating in 17 European and African countries.We have 2 main activities: organizing esports competition, and creating a social platform specifically designed for 2 million video game players.

Over the past 3 years, we have organized more than 300 competitions for game publishers (Konami, Capcom etc.), sports organizations (UEFA, CAF) and international brands (Orange, Coca-Cola, Adidas).

We have raised €3.5M and are financed notably by BPI France and the European Commission. Our 5-year target is to position ourselves as the benchmark social platform in the video game market.

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Créée le 12/03/2015