Head of Level 256

Achievements: Champion of his school in the fourth grade on Androïdes (Infogrames). A little game on MO5 and TO7 that gave me a taste for BASIC coding. Taste that will be exacerbated in high school thanks to my TI83.

One year: 2016. The year of the Euro in France, then the Rio Games and the end of the year which follows with the World Handball Championship in January 2017. So many events in which I have been involved and which have generated tremendous emotions and memories

My first video game: Alex Kidd

My top 3 games : Warcraft, 2. Civilization and 3. Football Manager

My greatest moment in esport: A highlight for me was the LCS EU final in Bercy in September 2017. Not a great moment at the competition level but what an atmosphere. For the first time in France, we brought together more than 12,000 people at AccorHotels Arena for an esports competition, whereas the venue traditionally hosts the biggest musical shows or sports competitions.

EU > NA ?* : EU. 100%.
*FYI. : Is Europe better than North America ?

Vincent Vercelli

Head of Incubation

Achievements: I once won a game on Fifa, but I don't remember exactly when.

My favorite competitive game: League of Legends

My first video game : Command & Conquer

My top 3 games : Starcraft 2 (2010), Metal Gear Solid (1998) and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2009)

My greatest moment in esports: Iron Squid in 2013 at the Palais des Congrès de Paris with Korea as a guest star and the LCS EU finals at Bercy in September 2017 where I realized the power of esport in France.

EU > NA ?* : EU. 
*FYI. : Is Europe better than North America ?


Project Manager (Communication & Event)

Achievements: Lead a triple life: go out with a master's degree, work as a team leader in McDonald's where I worked for 5 years alongside my studies and have been co-director of the mixed esport/gaming structure Game'Her since 2017.

A year: 2017! With the LCS EU in Bercy and the year of the creation of my association Game'Her. Lots of emotions and hard try in all these beautiful esports events/projects

My first video games: Starcraft / Resident Evil 2

My top 3 games: Assassin's Creed / Overwatch / League Of Legends

My favorite competitive game: League Of Legends

My greatest moment in esports: The victory of our mixed team at ESWC Metz 2018 in the Elite tournament on League Of Legends! As the director of the structure it was a great moment of pride to see a mixed team win 1st place in the competition. That's the proof that mixed teams in esports can work!

EU>NA?* What is your nation? EU ! EU ! EU !
*FYI. : Is Europe better than North America ?


Emeline GUEDES

Project Manager / Doctoral Student (Sector Watch)

Achievements: The regional tennis championships with my team for 3 consecutive years, the investment in the associative environment in high school and in Master 2!

A year: 2019 ! A mention in M2, a "CIFRE" in a field that I am passionate about, motivating personal projects and meeting many people in esports who have already brought me a lot!

My 1st videogame: Top Spin (don't judge me) and Rayman Revolution

My favorite competitive game: Counter-Strike :  Global Offensive

My greatest moment in esports: The Astralis-Avangar finals at the Berlin Major in September 2019: an unexpected team against Astralis, the first team to win 3 Majors in a row!

EU > NA ? EU…  256% !

*FYI. : Is Europe better than North America ?