What is level 256 ?

Launched in November 2018, Level 256 is the first global innovation platform dedicated to esports. Carried by Paris&Co, the economic development and innovation agency of Paris and its metropolis, which supports more than 500 startups every year and has been putting its expertise at the service of young innovative companies for more than 20 years.

The platform brings together entrepreneurs, institutional actors and major companies in the esport sector. All these members participate in the life of the project and develop a real culture of innovation by being as close as possible to the evolutions of the sector and the expectations of the customers.

Level 256 is a first of its kind structure both in France and abroad, accompanying the entire esport industry: teams, professional and amateur players, associations but also spectators. As of today, Level 256 has helped more than 40 young innovative companies to grow, develop and innovate.

Our mission: "Contribute to the development of esports for and by everyone".



We accompany startups and any companies evolving in the esport sector. We help them to maximize business opportunities between them and as well as with anyone concerned by the innovation and the economic development of esport:

  • Allowing entrepreneurs to access the esports ecosystem (physically and intellectually);
  • Giving access to each entrepreneur to an extensive network of institutional and economic actors of the esports industry;
  • Offering stimulating working conditions in a dedicated place;
  • Enabling entrepreneurs to have access to training, workshops and interventions with first-rate experts.

Our great ambition acts as an additional driving force for commitment and investment: to make Paris a strong place for esports on a global scale.


Paris&Co, with its extensive experience in the innovation sector, chose to create vertically integrated platforms to better support the startups in each ecosystem: esports, as a strong developing economic field, was naturally given its own.

Furthermore, the City of Paris also wanted to position itself as a strong and attractive place for esports ventures both on a national and international standpoint and contributed to the creation of Level 256.

The platform is an experimentation tool for the entire ecosystem, with an ambitious goal to gather entrepreneurs, corporations, professional esports teams and neighborhood associations in the Parisian House of Esports. Not only an incubator, we strive to bond the public, private and associative players in a new HUB for all esports stakeholders.

Our mission is centered around 3 main actions plans:

  • Help emerging startups and innovative projects grow;
  • Inform, develop and support both esports professional and amateur sectors;
  • Bring life to the Parisian House of Esports, a hub for all involved.



The Parisian House of Esports, powered by Level 256 (Paris&Co)

To fulfill all these missions, the House of Esports offers refurbished and fully dedicated spaces, built thanks to the “Budget Participatif” of the City of Paris:

  • The Level 256 platform, an innovation and economic development center for esports: an 350m² open space and meeting rooms for the entrepreneurs and for coworking to meet and exchange on innovation and development of the sector.
  • Shared practice spaces (650m²) contributing to the development of esports by and for all: an arena (100 persons capacity) equipped with a 15m² LED screen to host events such as professional or amateur esports tournaments, a backstage production facility and a catering space ; a practice room for associations and amateur teams equipped with 20 high performance PCs and 26 consoles (PS4/Switch) to encourage responsible, structured and ethical practice of esports ; and a bootcamp room for amateur of professional teams equipped with 7 very high performance PCs and a flat screen for strategic talks.
  • A 1000m² business center: the “House of Esport” hosting a business hub operated by Wacano (ex. CCI) allowing small and medium sized companies to grow inside a dedicated hub for esports, creating business opportunities. Spaces are regularly available for leasing.

The practice room, bootcamp room and Arena are all bookable and available 24/7! It is a true center for all esports stakeholders, right in Paris’ 20th district!