LEVEL 256, Global Platform Dedicated to Esports

The first platform dedicated to esports in the world

Level 256 is an innovation & economic development platform dedicated to esports supported by Paris&Co, the economic development and innovation agency of Paris. Paris&Co supports more than 300 startups each year and has been putting its expertise at the service of young innovative companies for 20 years.

It brings together startups, institutional actors and large companies in the sector. All these members participate in the life of the platform and develop a true culture of innovation by being as close as possible to the developments in the sector and the expectations of customers.

  • A new structure in France and abroad: the esports industry, teams, professional and amateur players, spectators are the driving forces behind innovation
  • About fifteen incubated companies
  • An "esports" spirit: team culture, individual and collective support, the search for performance

Why a platform dedicated to esports?

To offer entrepreneurs the best conditions for innovation and development:

  • Placing them in an esports environment (physically and intellectually)
  • To put them in contact with the institutional and economic actors of esports, but not only.
  • Provide them with quality working conditions
  • Provide them with access to first-rate training and interventions

Level 256 supports startups and entrepreneurs in the esports sector and maximizes business opportunities between them and all stakeholders involved in innovation and economic development of esports.

The ambition of this platform is big, but it acts as an additional driver of commitment and investment: to make Paris the European capital of esports.

A place dedicated to esports in the heart of Paris

Coworking areas, open spaces, production studio, practice room, demonstration area, private offices. Premises that embody the spirit of esports!

Our team

A new support structure, based on 5 services.

With the institutional actors and large companies that compose it, Level 256 works around five business lines:

Incubation: individualized and collective support and coaching for startups and entrepreneurs

Key account relationships: accelerating the transformation of innovation into business opportunities

Development: support and networking for companies and associations from the esports that wish to interact with key accounts and continue to develop. 

Experimentation: testing of products and services in cooperation with the platform's partners to ensure that they meet the expectations of the market and consumers

Monitoring: identification of trends in terms of esports innovation and implementation of international monitoring


Tomorrow's esport is playing today

Promote innovation

Support and develop the most promising innovative projects

Help to structure esports

Inform, support and develop the amateur and professional esports

Promote an area

Promote Paris as the European capital of esports