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Paris&Co launches Level 256, the first innovation platform entirely dedicated to esports

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Today Paris&Co, the economic development and innovation agency of Paris, launched Level 256 – the first esports innovation platform in Europe.  

Esports is the competitive practice of electronic games, encompassing every multi-player competition in the world of video games. It’s also one of the biggest cultural phenomena in recent memory: a global market of €900 million today, forecast to reach €3 billion by 2022. In France, a recent poll by Médiamétrie - France Esports estimates there are 5 million esport consumers in 2018, of which 935,000 people play regularly.

To meet the challenges of technological, economic and societal development, and with the support of the City of Paris, Paris&Co launched LEVEL 256 today - the first esport platform in the world.

The name refers to a bug in the Pacman video game that wouldn’t let players go beyond level 256. Since that time, gaming has been continuously evolving and innovating. And the LEVEL 256 program is focused on one main goal: make Paris the European esports capital!


LEVEL 256, a crossroads for networking and exchange

With a mission that goes far beyond just incubating a myriad of national and international startups, LEVEL 256 aims to foster gatherings and exchanges between the major players of esports (SMEs, large corporations, associations, institutional players, amateur and professional teams). Its primary objective is to support and guide them in seeking talents, innovation and investors.

Alongside its founding partners AXA, EDF and FDJ Esport, LEVEL 256 will mentor 11 companies: Pictor innovation, GamersRoom, Gameblr Esports, GameWard, Bequipe, E-Corp, Pantheon, World Gaming Federation, Wezzar, Gozulting, Glory4gamers.

Developing Parisian communities of amateur gamers is a key social inclusion challenge. LEVEL 256 will offer a unique venue in the East of Paris to run training programs, build awareness and promote the practice of esports accessible to all.  Esports diversity and access for the disabled are the major focal points of development.


Paris, host to the biggest Esport events

Esports is characterized by global competitions capable of reaching up to 36 million internaut spectators. In November 2019, the City of Paris will welcome one of the most prestigious competitions: the League of Legends World Championship finals!



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Level 256 is launching its call for applications for entrepreneurs dedicated to esports !

Level 256, the esports’ platform of Paris&Co has the ambition to develop the ecosystem of esport which is still emerging and lacking in structuration. The platform looks at the future of this sector and wishes to be as close as possible to the actors of innovation but also to the leaders of esports projects, whether they are in early or rather developed phases. The platform is positioned in the esports ecosystem as a catalyst for innovation, bringing together a diversity of professions, skills and experiences to help and support the transformation of the sector. Each partner contributes its know-how and vision in a spirit of co-construction.